Introducing a high-quality dental care with a touch of Southern hospitality

Carolina Dentistry is a well-established practice with a long history in downtown Columbia, SC, but now with a new face and new name, we had to introduce the world to the new and improved dental practice.​

The Challenge

Announce to the world the change in ownership and introduce the new branding.

Dr. Antley came to us because she had recently bought out the dental office from the recent owner and fellow dentist. The Trevett's team developed a brand for her to help her stick out in the overly saturated market of dentistry.

After developing the brand, we went to work coming up with a strategy to translate the new brand into a compelling web experience.

My role

UX/UI Designer and Information Architect

My role in this project was to discuss the client's goals for this website and design and develop a site that would suit her and her patient's needs.



The client pointed us to sites that she deemed successful. We used her favorite websites and researched local and national dental sites to come up with a plan.


After research, I laid out a sitemap to discuss and make sure we were on the right path. There were slights changes, including adding a pay now option so patients can quickly pay their bills online.

Sitemap version 2


The next step was to layout the unique templates that dictate the rhythm and flow of the website. The focus was on placing emphasis on ctas and making sure that patients could easily navigate this new site.

Desktop wireframes

Style Tile

To make sure both the client and I were on the same page regarding look and feel, I laid out a style tile that highlighted major visual elements like color palettes, font choices, photography, and iconography. Once approved, we were able to jump into high-def mockups and prototypes.

Style tile

Visual Design and Development

The site was quickly mocked up and developed within Elementor. Initially, I laid out the home page and got approval before moving on to the rest of the site. All that was left was to develop the site and focus on making it responsive and interactive.

Desktop screenshots

Mobile screenshots

Screen recording

Closing Thoughts

The client was thrilled with the new website and the process it took to develop it. She now has a unique, elegant brand and a website that can attract new users and, most importantly, new clients.


Information Architecture
Content Strategy
Wireframing and Prototyping
Visual Design
Responsive Design

Front-End Development

Blog writing


Project Management
Johnnie Matthews
Dana Watkins

Front-End Development
Gary Mozingo

April Cassidy
Gary Mozingo

Gary Mozingo
Eryn Rolinson  

Dana Watkins
Johnnie Matthews
Jesse Maloney
Ryan Menner
Gary Mozingo