Refreshing and restructuring of an established tech & recruiting company

TM Floyd & Company combines tactical strategy, leading-edge technology & top talent. They serve businesses by addressing their technology challenges, while providing opportunities for IT professionals to take the next step in their careers.

The Challenge

Explain to users what they actually do

Mea culpa time. I take some blame on this one. I created their current site, and yes, by looking at their site, I don't know what they do either. Of course, that has a lot to do because I was never in a meeting when this site was being discussed. Let's guess what they need and tack on things at the end. That didn't really work out. I should have done more to get myself into those conversations, but I was newer and not as confident in my website abilities back then. But hey! They gave me a second chance.

My role

UX/UI Designer and Information Architect

Time to set things right! My role in this project was to work with their team to figure out exactly what they do. This organization recruits, consults, and works with several key industries. I had to structure this site to appeal to its users' wide base without turning any specific user off.

In addition to that, I also had to take a different approach to this website's aesthetic. The current site is coated with a dark feel, something they felt like didn't accurately depict their industry nor them as an organization. They also wanted to focus more on having smiling faces and less 'cartoony' iconography. So my task was to turn the look and feel into more of a clean, professional vibe.



The team provided me with several competitor websites that they liked and felt like structure-wise and aesthetic-wise was the direction they wanted to go. I also had several meetings with the team to discuss what they wanted to emphasize and partnered with them throughout the entire process. They contributed by providing me content that I would parse and layout in the wireframing step.


Through our discussions and my own research, I was able to formulate a structure that would appeal to their users' broad base. It took a few versions to nail things down, but it helped immensely going forward.

Sitemap version 1


The next step was to start laying out the web pages. The focus was to keep things clean with plenty of negative space for breathing room. As far as the layout was concerned, things went swimmingly. However, throughout the process, the content was tweaked.

Desktop wireframes

Style Tile

Once wireframes were approved, I focused on the style tile for this project. We had established a style guide for them when our company created its brand many years ago. However, they did not care for the implementation of the colors in their current site, so I took a different approach that was more airy and professional. The focus would now be more on images and less so on iconography.

Style tile

Visual Design and Development

Due to a quick turn-around, this site actually didn't go through a typical high def phase, yet the site went straight into development through Elementor. Even though it had skipped that phase, the home page was presented to the team for approval before the rest of the site was started. The client's team always had a chance to give their opinion throughout the process. We always want to avoid any big reveal.

Desktop screenshots

Mobile screenshots

Closing Thoughts

The process has given the client's team a chance to clearly define who they are and prove that they are experts in their field. I am confident that this site will launch them into another plane of respectability. They have longed to have a strong presence online but have not reached that goal until hopefully this year. I wish them nothing but success.


Information Architecture
Content Strategy
Wireframing and Prototyping
Visual Design
Responsive Design

Front-End Development
CMS Development
Online Chat/Email System

Blog writing


Project Management
Johnnie Matthews
Dana Watkins

Front-End Development
Gary Mozingo

April Cassidy
Gary Mozingo

Gary Mozingo

Back-End Development
Jesse Maloney
Johnnie Matthews

Dana Watkins
Johnnie Matthews
Jesse Maloney
Ryan Menner
Gary Mozingo